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Joan, Thad, me; Afternoon Treat

Joan, Thad, me; Afternoon Treat

Joan Walsh Anglund

To most, she is the world known, famous children’s author; to us she’s the sweetest person with the biggest heart we know, Nana.

We love spending time with her, and hearing stories about her and her sister, Patsy, when they were young during WWII.

Michael Peraza Jr. , Art Director, The Little Mermaid

Michael Peraza Jr. , Art Director, The Little Mermaid

Mike Peraza

It was such an honor to meet Mike, even though I totally embarrassed myself by not recognizing him from earlier that day at the D23 Little Mermaid 30th Anniversary Presentation.

We had a really good laugh because I personally never really meet anyone famous unless it’s bumping into them at the bathroom. Like The only way I ever met Shirley Ann Jackson was at a School event bathroom, or at graduation; I also met one of the writers from Marvel Agents of Shield, Maurissa Tancharoen, in the bathroom!

Here’s to meeting you next time Mike, in the bathroom!


Eric Dowdle

I bought his piece of Mickey & Minnie ice skating at Central Park from the Thomas Kinkade Gallery